Posted by: liamcassidy | May 22, 2016

US Mòd Registration Opens Online


Registration for the 29th U.S. National Mòd is now open on this website and ACGA’s website.

You may complete the process by filling out two online forms: The first to register as a competitor and choose competitions, and the second to reserve and pay for lodging at the Antiochian Village and to reserve and pay for the Mòd Banquet Sept. 24.

Complete the Competitor Application using this online form.

Make your Lodging and Banquet reservations using this online form.

We’ve worked hard to streamline and improve the Mòd registration process this year based on recommendations of attendees last year.

Using the forms above, you’ll be able to register for the competitions of your choice, reserve lodging and make a banquet reservation online, pay all fees using Pay Pal or a credit card, and you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation detailing your choices.

With registration confirmation, you’ll receive access to Mòd materials on our website, including this year’s prescribed songs for men and women, as well as other songs and materials you can choose to learn and use at the Mòd. We hope to see you there!

Please send any questions about U.S. Mòd registration to Micheal MacAoidh at

We also hope to see you at Mòd nan Lochan Mòra, the Great Lakes Mòd,  June 24-June 26, 2016 in Akron and Wellington, Ohio. Registration is now open. Please email Anne Alexander at for complete information.



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