Scottish Gaelic Song Archive

Looking for Scottish Gaelic songs to learn? Here in our archives you’ll find some materials from previous Mòds that you can download.

To get the current Mòd materials, please submit the registration form, and you’ll be sent a password to access the 2014 Mòd Materials on this site.

We can also mail the materials to you in the form of a booklet and CD.


Bheir soraidh soraidh bhuam

A chailinn dìleas donn

Òran do Iain Breac MacLeòid

Balaich an iasgaich


A’ fàgail Liosmòr

O teannaibh dlùth is togaibh fonn

Tha mo bhreacan fliuch fo’n dìle

All of the above songs are written out in this Mòd booklet!

Other songs:

Bràigh Lochiall

Clachan Ghlinn’-da-ruail

Òrain Luaidh

Gu math slàn do na fearaibh

Mòrag à Dunbheagan

Bidh clann Ulaidh

Cha tèid mise

More puirt-a-beul!

These songs can be found in this booklet.


  1. A Liam, charaid choir,
    Tapadh leat airson an website seo. It makes me want to participate this year, though I doubt I will be able to. I love the way one can listen to the songs or print them out individually, that you have all the forms and the newletter available online, and a great photo of last year’s participants on the home page! Ceut mille taing!
    (I still haven’t figured out how to add accents to the Gaelic words on the computer unless I’m in WordPerfect.


  2. ‘S e do bheatha, a Mhàiri! We’d love to have you join us — you’ve been away too long!

    I’m glad you like the site, especially the Gaelic Song section. I’m thinking of keeping this section going throughout the year and adding songs through the main page – so the Web site lives up to its name.

    The site can be a resource, then, for those who want to learn Gaelic songs.

  3. Liam, once again you rock!!! Thanks for all your work.
    I’ve got some instrumentals for you for next year’s dinner ceilidh….

  4. Mòran taing, Annag! 🙂

    We should prepare ourselves – you can send me tunes, etc., at

  5. […] Perhaps most illustriously, the tapes include a prize-winning performance at the annual An Comunn Gaidhealach/ The National Mòd (now Royal National Mòd). The festival, which has taken place annually at different sites across Scotland since it was founded in 1892 is modelled on the Welsh Eisteddfod and acts ‘as a vehicle for the preservation and development of the Gaelic language. It actively encourages the teaching, learning and use of the Gaelic language and the study and cultivation of Gaelic literature, history, music and art.’ Mòd festivals also help to keep Gaelic culture alive among diasporic Scottish communities, as demonstrated by the US Mòd that has taken place annually since 2008. […]

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