Posted by: liamcassidy | April 13, 2012

Singing for the Mòd!

U.S. Gold Medalists Scott Morrison and Erin Park sing puirt-à-beul for the Granfling School Highland Dancers.

The U.S. National Mòd held its first-ever fundraising concert March 16 in Alexandria, Va., with last year’s U.S. gold medalists and other singers and musicians performing for an audience of nearly 100 people.

The special fundraising event took place at the Mount Vernon Unitarian Church in Alexandria on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, a fitting occasion for a concert and cèilidh of Scottish Gaelic, Irish and even Manx music.

This year An Comunn Gaidhealach Ameireaganach will hold its 25th annual Mòd, a milestone event for ACGA and the Scottish Gaelic language in North America. The Mòd will use funds raised to bring special guests to the event.

Performing at the event were the 2011 U.S. National Mòd gold medal winners Erin Park and Scott Morrison. Also singing were Mike MacKay, who has won the U.S. gold medal several times, and who served as Master of Ceremonies.

Micheal Mac Aoidh, or Mike MacKay.

Two bands also performed, the local Celtic group Na Maragan, featuring Ed Bradshaw on guitar and small pipes and Liam Cassidy on tin whistle and harmonica, and Cèilidh ‘sa Chidsin, a new group formed by the Raines family and friends.

Doyle Raines of "Cèilidh 'sa Chidsin".

In addition to the songs and traditional music, students for the Granfling School of Highland Dance hit the floor, dancing to mouth-music or puirt-à-beul sung in Gaelic by Park, Morrison and Raines and a pipe jig by Bradshaw.

“Not only did the concert meet our fundraising target, it gave singers who have worked hard over the years to master Gaelic and learn songs an opportunity to share them in a friendly concert,” said Cassidy, a spokesperson for the Mòd.

“We hope to organize more fundraising concerts and events like this in the future to help support the Mòd,” he said.

Mòran taing (many thanks) are due to the members of the Mòd committee who worked on the event, and to the donors whose gifts made it possible to rent the venue.

This also was the first time the Mòd Committee sought corporate sponsorship for an event. We are very grateful to Walkers Shortbread and The Infamous Welsh Cookie Company for their support of the concert.

Information about the Infamous Welsh Cookie Company is available here

Click here for information on Walkers Shortbread

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