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Mealaibh Ur Naidheachd, Mòd 2011 Winners!

Guests and Participants at the 2011 U.S. National Mòd.

Contestants and fans once again flocked to Ligonier, Pennsylvania for the 24th annual U.S. National Mòd, held at the Antiochian Village and the Ligonier Highland Games.  This year, we welcomed back our friend Beathag Mhoireasdan as our adjudicator, as well as the Gold Medal winners from the 2010 Royal National Mòd in Scotland, Iain MacLean and Joy Dunlop.  We were also pleased to host Iain’s wife Kirsteen, herself a Gold Medal winner, and we continued the fine Mòd tradition of “fun is more important than sleep” over the course of the weekend.

This was a Mòd of important note, for at least two reasons.  First, we saw with this Mòd an increase in attendance in the competitions by children, which is truly a reason to be hopeful.  Our poetry recitation competition featured Erin Park and Luke Morrison, who impressed our adjudicator with their command of the language.  We had Brenna Morrison competing in storytelling, and Saturday saw children in the duet competition and own choice, and Erin Park came out of a very close competition to get the Gold Medal for the women.  We hope to see the number of children and young adults competing in the Mòd rise as the we go forward!

Luke Morrison signing in the children's competition.

Another first that the Mòd witnessed was the inaugural performance of Còisir Ghàidhlig nan Stàitean – the U.S. Gaelic Choir.  The choir was begun as an idea after the Mòd in Scotland, and after seeing that the same distance participation approaches that the Scottish choirs use could be applied in the States.  Then, on visiting the Ottawa Mòd after Scotland, it seemed that there was every reason to try, and no reason not to have a U.S. choir as well!  Many people who have come to our Mòd have commented that it would wonderful to have a choir in the States, and many of them are now either helping or are in the choir.  We hope that this is the start of something big.  Today – Ligonier.  Tomorrow – Scotland!

Women's Gold Medal Winner Erin Park, Adjudicator Beathag Mhoireasdan, Men's Gold Medal Winner Scott Morrison.

At the end of our Mòd, we congratulate all of the contestants for their hard work, dedication, and their resolve to go up on stage and show what they have accomplished.  As Beathag told the audience many times during the weekend, it’s a tough job to pick the places for first, second, and third, but it must be done.  The results:

Song Competitions

Am Bonn Òir / The Gold Medal

Women: Erin Park, Pennsylvania  Men: Scott Morrison, Maryland

Overall Winners: Women — 1. Erin Park. 2. Anne Alexander, Ohio. 3. Mary Wake, Ohio. Men —  1. Scott Morrison.

Prescribed Song: Women — 1. Anne Alexander. 2. Erin Park. 3. Mary Wake. Men — 1. Liam Ó Caiside, Virginia. 2. Scott Morrison.

Puirt-à-Beul: 1. Erin Park. 2. Scott Morrison.

Margaret Gerardin and Michael MacKay in the unison singing competition.

Unison Singing: 1. Margaret Gerardin and Michael MacKay, Virginia. 2. Scott and Luke Morrison, Maryland.

Children’s Singing: 1. Sadie Park. 2. Luke Morrison.

Sadie Park sings in the children's competition.

Solo Work Song: 1. Anne Alexander. 2. Mary Wake.

Gaelic Choir: 1. Còisir Ghàdhlig nan Stàitean.

Final Song: Women — 1 Erin Park. 2. Anne Alexander. 3. Mary Wake. Men — 1. Scott Morrison.

The results of the prose and poetry competitions and the distance learning competitions will be released in a separate post.


  1. “The results of the prose and poetry competitions and the distance learning competitions will be released in a separate post.”

    We’re still waiting … 😉

  2. Mo chreach! Here they are:

    Bàrdachd (Poetry Recitation)

    1st Erin Park

    2nd Luke Morrison

    Sgeulachd (Storytelling)

    1st Liam Ó Caiside

    2nd Scott Morrison

    3rd Brenna Morrison

    Leughadh air a’ Chiad Sealladh (Sight Reading)

    1st Cheryl Mitchell

    2nd Liam Cassidy

    3rd Erin Park

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