Posted by: liamcassidy | June 5, 2011

U.S. Mòd season is officially open! Mòd materials ready!

A Chàirdean chòir,

The U.S. Mòd committee is pleased to announce that the materials are ready to be downloaded for the 24th annual ACGA Mòd. This year, we welcome Beathag Mhoireasdan from Uig in Lewis as our adjudicator, with special guests Joy Dunlop and Iain G MacLean.

The singing part of the Mòd will be held at the Ligonier Highland Games in Idlewild Park, on Spetember 10, 2011, but on Friday, September 9, there will be competitions in storytelling, poetry, and sight reading. So, there are many ways you can join in and get adjudication and advice on your Gaelic skills!

We also have a mail-in competition, in which you can work on prose and poetry in the comfort of your own home, read passages and do translations, and submit the results for advice and corrections.

It all starts here! We are using a new format this year – to register for the Mòd, go to and submit payment for the materials. Once we get your payment, we’ll send you a link to the materials on the Mòd website, and provide instructions on how to get the materials. We’ll also add your name to a registration list and send out bulletins and further information about the Mòd, such as lodging, meals, and the Mòd banquet on Saturday night.

If you will not be competing in the Mòd, but wish to attend or otherwise wish to keep up on the Mòd activities, please send an email to, or send a regular letter to:
3860 Dumfries Road
Catlett, VA 20119

If you can’t, or don’t wish to use Paypal, you can send us a letter at the above address with a payment for US$15.

You can always go to the Registration tab on our webpage to get this information and updates on the registration process:

Please post questions here, or to the email address, and we’ll be happy to provide and answers you need. Gura math a thèid leibh! Good luck!

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