Posted by: liamcassidy | October 2, 2008

Fàilte dhuibh! Welcome to the U.S. National Mòd Blog

Welcome to the official blog of the U.S. National Mòd – an annual celebration of Scottish Gaelic culture in the United States and Canada. This blog will be the hot spot for news and information about the Mòd throughout the year – come back often for updates about the big event and other events leading up to it!

We just wrapped up the 21st annual U.S. National Mòd in Ligonier, Pa., Sept. 5-7. The 22nd Mòd is scheduled for Sept. 11-13, 2009 – mark your calendars now!

If you want to learn more about the Mòd (like, what is a Mòd? What happens there? Should I attend? Where will it be?), click on the link to “About the Mòd” above. If you’re already in the know, enjoy the blog and feel free to submit your ideas, photographs, favorite memories, swap songs and tunes and send questions to us.

Much of this blog will be in English, ach bhiodh sinn toilichte Gàidhlig a bhruidhinn neo sgrìobhadh còmhla ribh, ma’s e sin ur toil (we’d be delighted to speak or write in Gaelic with you).

leis gach deagh-dhùrachd (with every good wish),

Liam Ó Caiside (Cassidy)

BTW – “A’ Seinn Còmhla” means “Singing Together.” We hope you’ll join us in Ligonier next September.


  1. Meal ur naidheachd, Liam agus sgioba a’ Mhòid! ‘Se larach-linn math ‘s breagha a th’ann. 🙂


  2. For LiveJournal users, I’ve syndicated the blog feed here:

    Moran Taing for starting this!

  3. Agus mòran taing, a Chatrìona!

    We’ll be posting more information soon.


  4. A Liam

    Seo beachd-smuain math dha-riribh


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